It hard to believe how little things have changed racially in America in over fifty years. As a child of the sixties I would have never thought that beliefs and ideologies would still exist after over fifty years after the civil rights bill was passed.

I was part of a group of ten of my friends who were selected to participate in the integration of the schools in Macon, GA in 1965. A year prior to this decision one young negro young man attended Willingham Senior High school and graduated with the class of 1965. He came in his senior year and endured unimaginable hardships for that one year. Now we were to attend this same school for four years. During this period, I would experience being called the “N” word everyday year after year.

The word “nigger” would still be considered as common slang among blacks but received as a severe offense when used by anyone other than themselves. This word has its roots in the country Niger and black and was used to degrade our ancestors. Now our younger generation has embraced a word that many in my age group would rather go away.

Although many years have passed we have come so little in race relations in our country. The welfare system of the 1960’s and the so-called Great Society has nearly destroyed black society and our culture as we know. Men were replaced by a government check and many believed and lost their purpose as women began to adopt the role that they could be both father and the mother. It has been commonly accepted to have children out of wedlock and spill our seed without any responsibility.

We are in the initial level of the feminization and emasculation of black males. The sagging of pants is an invitation to homosexuality. As you step out of the pants you will step into a dress. When the black man is destroyed the black culture is decimated and our family unit is destroyed.

Segregation was the systematic deprivation where we purposefully were given a field to play on that was unfair. Our men today do not have the disciple to be a man. The men are being raised by women and they are being influenced by femininity and not a strong black man. Therefore, they have no problem walking away from their families and children because they don’t know the importance of their role as a man, a protector and a provider.

How far must go to eliminate racism in our culture today? I never would have thought that in the year 2017 we would still be disgusting racism and why we continue to use the “N-Word.” When will we move forward as a culture and a society? It starts with us! It starts in the churches and among our peers. No laws can change the hearts of men.

I say, it’s time to bury this word in all of its’ forms, even when used by the people it was targeted to belittle. Join me in getting your shovel out to bury this relic of hatred and bigotry of the past.

This is the Voice of the Overseer

About johnhreid2013

Dr. John Reid is a Bishop in the Eagle's Rock Communion of Christian Leaders (ERCCL) and is the General Secretary. He is the founder of John Reid Ministries and operates a School of Ministry training Christians worldwide.
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  1. paigemchl says:

    Amen to the elimination of the n-word. Words and names define who you are. Why not use the word Brother and King to be words of endearment and not the n-Word. Some things you must let go. Remove that weight so we as a people can go further and faster.

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