The Resilience of Racism

Perhaps you are reading this blog just because you noted the title. It appears that the word racism or in some areas racial insensitivity still are alive and well in the twenty first century.

Just a few days ago I heard a man speak words that I had not heard in over fifty years. The sting of those words cut and hurt just as deep as they did then as they did when I first heard them as a teenager.

Yes, if you check the calendar it is 2018; however, the hearts and minds of many have not changed in this country for more than a generation. Laws, policies, candidates cannot change the culture of racism that continues to stain our land. Yes, racism is resilient as long as it is fed and nourished.

As a child of the sixties I witnessed the Vietnam War, the divisiveness of school desegregation, busing along with legislation such as the Voters Rights and Civil Rights laws. Rest assured, one thing we have learned is that we have not learned anything.

The ideology of being superior to another race has continues to be relegated throughout the culture and yes, even the church. Progressive revelation is still needed. Because the ideology of inferiority is embraced by so many both black and white it holds them in bondage. As an African-American pastor I see many instances where my people will follow and join majority white congregations, but it is still rare for whites to have a black pastor.

So, you ask the question what the answer for America’s woes is. To address this scenario let’s go back a generation. I was reminded that I was mentally inferior to any white person as a youth. As part of a small group to desegregate schools in Georgia in 1965 I was reminded that the smartest black person was only on the level of a trained animal. Shockingly this was what they believed and who many whites were raised and instructed by their parents. As we prepared for school desegregation only a few handpicked young people were selected to undergo rigorous training to catch up with two years of academic inferiority that was part of the system of Jim Crow.

I recall going into the room on the first day of class and sitting in the last chair. My first grade from an examination was a B-; this was the lowest grade I had ever send in my lifetime up to this point. My classmates were stunned and could not believe I scored higher than them. It was as though their entire paradigm and worldview of the American negro was scattered. Moreover, when I attempted to join the chess club they questioned if I knew the pieces. Little did they know I learned to play chess at the age of eight and had never lost a match in years. I learned from playing with the old masters who literally beat me for years. They taught me how to play three moves ahead of my opponent.

This was over fifty years ago! The laws and times have changed but the people and our culture are still trapped in a web of prejudice and hate. We refuse to move forward and consequently mindsets and ideologies never progress. My answer to this dilemma and the woes of our culture is for people to come together with the love of Christ.

I am reminded of the Word of God; how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity. It’s amazing to me that all the years we claimed to be a Christian nation, yet we refused to walk in the true love of God and obedience to his Word.
This is how the world will know we are his disciples indeed, by our love for one another.

This is the Voice of the Overseer

About johnhreid2013

Dr. John Reid is a Bishop in the Eagle's Rock Communion of Christian Leaders (ERCCL) and is the General Secretary. He is the founder of John Reid Ministries and operates a School of Ministry training Christians worldwide.
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1 Response to The Resilience of Racism

  1. paigemchl says:

    Amen. Would you say that hidden racism is the same as when people do not accept Christ during His 1000 year reign and their hearts are not changed? But, after the 1000 years the people who did not truly follow Christ would follow the anti-Christ.

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