The Mexican Standoff

As we enter the fifth week of the federal government shutdown, we find ourselves embroiled in what is known as an old-fashioned Mexican standoff. This game of chess and chicken is taking a severe toll on our nation’s economy and over a million Americans.

Call it what you may, our government has basically been nonfunctional for the last three administrations. The welfare of our nation and its citizens has been highjacked by partisan politics. It’s time for egos and pride to be put aside and this stalemate to end.

Now don’t get me wrong my political views are conservative; however, in view of the current crisis civility apparently has left the building. During my last trip to Israel as we approached Jerusalem the first thing, I saw was a wall. The entire Book of Nehemiah in the Bible is dedicated to rebuilding the wall around the city.

Here are just a few reasons our politicians are saying a wall is needed:
• Keep out or thwart illegals, drug traffickers and terrorists
• Save men, women and children from dying in the desert
• Keep men, women and children from falling victim to human traffickers
• Less immigration hearings and court costs (attorneys, etc.)
• Lessen the number of border patrol agents needed
• Help and better protect those agents that continue to patrol the border
• Reduce impact on public safety, welfare and other resources
• Mitigate the fears of many Americans that occur with an open border.

I know we can advocate that there are a number of reasons not to build a wall given  there is always someone who will build a better mouse trap. Moreover, some parts of the border are impractical for a wall to be erected. In recent days there have been tunnels discovered and a wealth of drugs captured at some of our ports of entry

Some consider the cost and how these funds could be better used. If you contemplate the entire budget, $5 billion for the wall is less than one half of a percent. Yes, less than 1% of the entire budget. Moreover, some of this funding is geared to address improvements at our ports of entry and border security personnel. We are fighting over less than 1%.

While a wall may not be practical in all aspects of border security, given the length of our boundaries; a mixture of fences and walls could improve the present status quo. As a nation it is imperative that we have a defined border. Those who advocate open borders must to come to realization that we are not living in the old Ellis Island days where we were expanding as a country and immigration was desired to feed our growing nation and its’ economy. A clear immigration policy could address legal and timely entry into our country.

It’s time to realize that our existing immigration policy (or lack there of ) has been the proverbial can that has been kicked down the road for years with numerous administrations both democratic and republican. It’s incredulous that we are relegated to a government where each legislation, law or bill is voted merely by party lines and the greatest nation and its government in the world is shutdown.

As in the game of chess, our Mexican Standout is basically a stalemate. However, in the game of chess once a stalemate is called both parties reset and start another game. It’s past time for a reset! Our government, its’ workers, their families and all impacted by this shutdown have had enough.  They are waiting for each other to move in this game of chicken while the implications of this action or yet to be felt in the coming weeks and months.

It’s time for congress and the president to get to work so we all can get back to work!

This is the Voice of the Overseer!

About johnhreid2013

Dr. John Reid is a Bishop in the Eagle's Rock Communion of Christian Leaders (ERCCL) and is the General Secretary. He is the founder of John Reid Ministries and operates a School of Ministry training Christians worldwide.
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1 Response to The Mexican Standoff

  1. Lashon Bush says:

    A Good read and Great points!! Indeed it is time for a reset!!! PREACH!!!! 🙏💪🔥🔥🔥

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